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  • "Thanks again for the wonderful treatment.  I felt twenty pounds lighter with more energy too.  Your home is so nice and inviting.  I can't think of a better atmosphere for the treatment...You have a great personality.  We have quite a bit in common.  I'm looking forward to more treatments in the future." ~Kevin S., Education - Camp Hill, PA

  • "You are still the only person I've trusted to wash my butt out! bahahaha ...that counts for something ain't? LOL"  ~ 'Pa Vee', Trucker - Dover, PA & AK

  • "...Third colonic, done by the amazingly friendly and always professional Liesl.  Her system is great and effective.  She has a nice, warm and comfortable space (like a physician's office) making it so easy to relax while cleaning your colon and getting rid of waste.  I could go on and on, but no lie, if you haven't had one done... make an appointment with her today!  My husband is also a new client and has been feeling much better after only one session. We don't eat healthy enough in our society and in our everyday lives today to not need Liesl and her fabulous hydrotherapy sessions and system.  She is affordable and consistent!  Check her out, so you can get cleaned out!  Sincerely ~Dee and Qi Mayberry  Shrewsbury, PA

  • "My name is Deborah.  I decided that I needed to take control of my diet and health at age 50.  I started my diet and am doing great but the one thing I never had control over was the fact that I was not regular and had a lot of bloating (often).  I have always wanted to get a cleanse to see if the procedure would take care of the bloating and encourage regularity but was really afraid of the process.  I googled and found ColoniClinic & Healing Arts.  After reading up on the process and the testimonials, I finally got the nerve to reach out to Liesl and scheduled my first 3 part cleanse.  Well, one word comes to mind, AMAZING!!!!  I have now had 4 cleanses and I am scheduled for another later this month.  I have a new found friend.  Liesl’s facility is clean, quiet, relaxing and you feel like you are at home.  She fully explained the process from start to finish and answered all my questions.  After each procedure I feel light, stomach flat and sort of empty (if you know what I mean).Liesl has also talked to me about other products that would help with regularity and I am using those products as well.  I am glad that I found you Liesl.  I am a returning customer and I encourage anyone who wants to try this amazing process to do it.  There is nothing to be afraid of and I guarantee you will reap the benefits of the process.  Thanks Liesl!"  ~Deborah M., Sr. Exec. Asst.  -  Millersburg, PA

  • "I always say I feel like I've had a tummy tuck after my colonic!"  ~K.F.   -  Lewisberry, PA

  • "I am an internal medicine physician in practice [Mt. Shasta, CA]. I had a session with a colon therapist before [closed system]. I feel the open system is more tolerable and gets up deeper into the colon. Liesl is wonderful and reassuring and I highly recommend her services to anyone." ~Dr. Shanhong Lu MD, PhD, Owner and Medical Director of Mt. Shasta Integrative Medicine in CA      

  • "Got the results of my ultrasound I had yesterday of my thyroid.  They sent a letter so I will have better details later but bottom line is that the cyst has decreased in size and the surrounding lymph nodes as well.  Thank you." ~Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Client - Harrisburg, PA (3x/week for 2 months: Amethyst BioMat with Far Infrared and Negative Ions simultaneously with RIFE (PEMF) cancer protocols and Colonics.  NO chemo, NO radiation, NO prescribed medications, started Essiac Tea x 1 month.)  Follow up CT scan of Thorax and Abdomen/Pelvis approx. 3 months into above treatment yields "significant reduction" of cancer in all areas "suggesting response to treatment". 
  • "My name is Travis.  I'm 30 years old and have been doing colonics with Liesl for a few months now.  I was very apprehensive about the whole idea of it to begin with, but after my first session I was comfortable with it. She provides a very relaxed environment and privacy and dignity are very respected during the colonic.  You "hook yourself up" to the machine yourself and cover up with a sheet while you're alone in the room, so there are no "awkward" moments.  The health benefits have been amazing!!!  Give it a try... You won't regret it." ~Trav Dover, PA
  • "Liesl is a first class professional that cares for each client. During my first visit every part of the procedure was thoroughly explained which made me at ease.   I'm grateful for her 'client first' attitude and would recommend her business to anyone looking to become healthier.    Bless you Liesl and your business!  ~Brian - Harrisburg, PA
  • "The stigma of a hydro-colonic was completely made defunct for me.  Liesl made me feel comfortable and that made the process easier.  I feel that I can come back again and not feel like I am in a "clinic".  The knowledge that Liesl imparts during the process was helpful and easy enough to understand.  Thank you!" ~G. Weise, Counselor  Altoona, PA
  • "We all have heard of ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’... But did you know that a healthy body is the end result of good nourishment, proper exercise and a well maintained clean colon? I never understood that until I experienced major discomfort.  And there she was, Rev. Liesl Nichols, an angel in disguise, who came to my rescue with her Hydro Colonics Therapy. Her system is located in a hygienically clean personally maintained/sanitized room. The Hydro Colonics Technology supported by by her immense knowledge on health does the magic. This is the place where you can detoxify and regain your energy, your immunity and your youth..."  ~F.S.  —  Camp Hill, PA
  • "I am really noticing a difference now in how I feel.  Feels more like I did when I was younger and had more energy.  I love it!  Those colonics really do make a difference in how a person feels!" ~Tena Geesey, LPN  —  Dallastown, PA
  • "Liesl is wonderful!  She is very good at what she does and is a very caring individual.  She does colonics as well [as Reconnective Healing].  It is well worth your time and money to get a session from her.  You won't be disappointed!"  ~Susan Rudy, Waitress Marysville, PA
  • "After having been administered a trio of antibiotics in a less than two month time frame, I was having some serious diarrhea issues. In addition to recommending some probiotics, Liesl recommended a colon hydrotherapy session. I had some reservations, so I did a little research and decided that it couldn't do any harm, so why not. After the extremely comfortable atmosphere in which the treatment was administered and the professional manner of Liesl, I was pleasantly surprised to find out when I arrived home I had a burst of positive energy which I had not seen the likes of in quite some time. The positive energy followed me through the next day and I would highly recommend Liesl Nichols and colonic hydrotherapy to anyone who is considering a healthier lifestyle or simply wishing for some positive energy in their life." ~Naomi Bynum, Waitress  —   Lewisberry, PA
  • "I never thought I would admit I look forward to my colonics but I now can honestly say I tell my co-workers, family and friends when I'm having one!  It took some coaxing but in the end I am thrilled I went thru with it.  Liesl makes me feel very comfortable with the whole procedure and provided me with plenty of information before stepping foot into "the room".  After only one treatment I had already seen a noticeable change in my bowel habits.  I am less bloated, less gassy and less constipated.  The treatment is not painful or uncomfortable in any way.  It is actually relaxing and an excellent way to relieve stress.  It took a year to convince myself to do this and I am upset it took me so long.  Just try it one time and I guarantee you will be hooked."  ~Vinette Staub, LPNDover, PA
    • "Liesl provides the cleanest facilities and the utmost care for hydrotherapy sessions.  I always feel like I'm entering a calm atmosphere when I come to my sessions.  She is also a healer, educator, and supporter.  Colon therapy is one of the only effective ways to get your system balanced.  I feel so much lighter and healthier after just one session.  It's been so helpful getting my health improved.  I would recommend Liesl to anyone who would like to try this type of therapy or for those who would like to continue improving their health.  ~Jen, Environmental  — Harrisburg, PA
    • "The system Liesl uses [open system] is better than other systems  [closed system]  I've worked with.  The colonics promote much better overall health in my body.  After my first one with Liesl, I noticed more flexibility in my yoga practice, my sleep is better and some breakouts cleared up.  Colonics and cleansing are now an important part of my health care and staying young self-care.  Liesl is a wonderful therapist to work with - gentle, easy to be around and knowledgeable."  ~J. ShoShanna, Gardener/Landscaper — N.Carolina & Harrisburg, PA
    • "One day I began to have some ringing in my ears which was followed by a headache.  Liesl placed her hands around my ears [Reconnective Healing] and the ringing began to dissipate.  It felt as if she was in tone with my inner chi.  The ringing and headache  stopped within a couple of minutes.  It was good."  ~Travis Smith, Physical Therapy Assistant  —  West York, PA
    • "Having received numerous colonic irrigation treatments while living overseas, I was eager to find a clean, safe, hygienic clinic to continue these therapeutic treatments.  Ms. Nichols provides holistic therapies and colonic irrigation services for low and reasonable fees.  Privacy and dignity is consistently and thoroughly maintained throughout the treatment and Ms. Nichols is always on hand to provide assistance and advice whenever needed.  I was thoroughly educated on the colonic irrigation process prior to my first treatment at Ms. Nichols clinic and I have always felt and continue to feel free and comfortable to ask any questions relating to the treatment or any other services provided.  The room in which the colonic takes place is exceptionally clean with many amenities available to provide and sustain the utmost level of comfort.  I would highly recommend and encourage others to consult with Ms. Nichols and partake in the use of the services which she provides.  Ms. Nichols has opened her home, clinic, and her heart to those who she tends.  I will continue to use her services and find all services to be administered in a very professional manner."  ~Ellen C. Molina, R.N.  —  York, PA
    • "At 41 I decided to improve my overall health and started eating only “raw and living” foods. I hired a raw food coach and on our third session together she recommended something called “colon hydrotherapy”. This was NOT something I had considered but after doing some research I decided to include it as part of my journey to optimal health.
      ColoniClinic & Healing Arts was recommended to me and after only one discussion with Liesl, I just had a good feeling about this. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease; her facility is clean and you’ll find a sense of peacefulness there.
      After the Procedure: Wow! I feel empty and lighter, no bloating and my tummy is flatter. I feel energized and refreshed. I have more clarity and I approach my days with ease and mindfulness. It’s encouraged me to stay on track and continue eating healthy. My skin is clear and glowing. The benefits that I’ve achieved from colon hydrotherapy by far out way any apprehension I may have had in the beginning.
      This isn’t a topic you usually feel comfortable talking about but after my sessions with Liesl, I’m recommending this to all of my friends. (Smile)"
      ~Stacy Zaminski, Project Manager  —  East Berlin, PA
    • "During the spring of 2010, I had a severe episode of constipation.  The pressure was very uncomfortable.  I called Liesl at ColoniClinic around 6:00 at night.  She told me to come up right away.  She asked me if I remembered what to do from my previous visit.  I told her I did.  Everything was ready and waiting for me.  Once I was on the LIBBE, she asked permission to come in so she could make sure everything was comfortable for me.  The session relieved the pressure in my stomach and I was able to relax for the first time in almost a week.   
      I have also had several Reconnective [Healing] sessions with Liesl.  The experiences I had were rewarding and validating; each one was different from the others.  I am very excited to have such a diverse facility in my area."  
      ~Barbara Ellis,  LPN, Massage Therapist  — York New Salem, PA
    • "I visited ColoniClinic!  I had understandable reservations about the whole colonic endeaver but I was constantly sick and feeling bloated.  I was tired of it.  Speaking with Liesl, she was convinced it would help my situation and to try it.  It took much convincing but try it I did.  Afterwards I felt empty.  She was right, it did help my symptoms.  Bravo Liesl and Thank You."  ~Craig Bowling, Maintenance  —  East Berlin, PA