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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen?
Hyperbaric Oxygen is the use of oxygen in a pressurized environment at a level higher than one atmosphere absolute (ATA). Increased pressure allows for oxygen to dissolve and saturate the blood cells, blood plasma, cerebral-spinal fluid, and other body fluids which yields a broad variety of positive physiological, biochemical and cellular effects. This noninvasive therapy is the most trusted way to increase oxygen levels to all organs of the body. A typical treatment lasts 60 minutes, during which the client lies down and breathes normally.

At sea level the atmospheric pressure is 1ATA (14.7 psi or pounds per square inch), which allows the lungs to absorb a normal amount of oxygen from the air. At higher altitudes, the pressure drops and the lungs are not able to absorb as much oxygen from the air. This is why oxygen masks drop in an airplane at high altitudes – to increase the oxygen content due to the lack of pressure. The exact opposite happens at lower altitudes (below sea level). There, the pressure is greater (above 1ATA) and now the lungs can more easily absorb the oxygen, and at a greater volume.

Consider this analogy:
A bottle of soda-pop is a pressurized vessel. In the bottle there is liquid. There is also ‘carbonation’ (the gas) and pressure. When the bottle is sealed, bubbles are not seen. The moment the cap is twisted and the seal is broken, there is a ‘swish’ and the pressure is released from the bottle. Now, all of a sudden there is a formation of bubbles in the bottle, and as time goes, they grow and float to the top of the liquid. Certainly the pressure in the bottle is quite high and the nature of the gas (carbonation) is a different than the 21% oxygen in the ambient air. However the concept is the same. In the hyperbaric chamber, as the pressure goes up, more oxygen from the air is 'pushed' into the fluids of the body.The healing process occurs when a severely compromised tissue in the body begins to receive oxygen, and blood circulation to the tissue resumes. Note: The damaged tissue may not have been receiving enough blood for it to heal, due to a lack of blood circulation caused by the initial trauma.

Here lies the healing magic of Hyperbaric Oxygenation.
Inside the pressurized chamber, the story unfolds. The injury site now begins to receive a healing dose of oxygen through the surrounding body fluids and plasma—even if the blood supply to the tissues is compromised.Furthermore, to boost the oxygen concentration in oxygen chambers, supplemental oxygen may be added into hyperbaric chambers during treatment. Doctors and therapists commonly use enriched oxygen or an oxygen concentrator to help supplement the oxygen. As explained before, this oxygen will become infused into the numerous types of liquids in the body—blood, plasma, cerebral fluids.And like the soda-pop in our analogy, the oxygen uptake will remain in the body for a time after treatment.The Gas Laws of Physics state that more gas is dissolved in a liquid by increasing the pressure of the gas.  The Principle of HBO is simple. Increase the atmospheric pressure and get a directly proportional increase in available oxygen. 

One of the key determinants of HBOT is pressure and the greater the pressure, the greater the amount of dissolved oxygen into the body – Note, it does not take much pressure to deliver extra amounts of physiologically-available oxygen. During m-HBOT, the added pressure allows extra oxygen to be absorbed and transferred from the lungs into the blood, causing a greater saturation of blood oxygen levels. As this rich oxygenated blood makes its way to damaged tissue, extra oxygen is now readily available and can be potentially utilized for enhancing tissue repair and regeneration while also still being able to provide its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects.

We consume about six pounds of Oxygen every day, far outweighing any other nutrient demands. Oxygen’s primary role is in the production of energy, only 50% of our energy comes from the fats and carbohydrates we consume. In order for our bodies to make stored energy usable, our cells must convert this energy into molecules of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) using Oxygen. This is the body’s currency ($) for energy. The more energy ($) is has, the more the body will grow, heal regenerate, and function. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medically proven technology to deliver more oxygen molecules into your body with EACH breath that you take. Just imagine one hour of breathing extra oxygen into your body, giving it supplemental energy to ALL areas of your body. The body knows how to heal itself, give it more energy ($) and watch it do its job better, particularly when it comes to faster and more effective healing.

  • Heavy Metals, Carbon Monoxide, Environmental Chemicals, Pesticides/Herbicides: The body requires an extensive amount of oxygen during detoxification processes. In our vastly polluted world, hyperbaric oxygen can be the critical variable to having proper excretion of harmful chemicals from our body.
  • Fat Metabolism and Break Down: Hyperbaric Oxygenation therapy helps to oxidize fatty tissue and help promote the lipolysis (or break down) of fatty tissue.
  • Chemical Mobilization: Hyperbaric Oxygenation therapy has a profound effect on the circulatory affect. HBOT has direct and large effects on the lymphatic circulation, bringing all the waste products back into the liver for being transformed into excrete-able forms.
  • Enhance Liver Functioning: Hyperbaric Oxygenation therapy provides extra oxygen and support for the liver and has been shown to increase the number of liver cells, while providing better blood flow to the liver cells, and an increase in the anti-oxidant protection of these cells.

  • Cold Hands and Feet, Atherosclerosis, Ulcerations: For conditions from cold hands and feet to severe circulation deficiencies that involve compromised tissue and hard to heal wounds, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the answer. Oxygen under pressure helps to create new blood vessels in our bodies. In medical terminology, this is called angiogenesis. The generation of brand new blood vessels is extremely beneficial for your body. Enhance your circulation with hyperbaric oxygenation therapy.
  • Angiogenesis: Hyperbaric Oxygenation therapy generates a tremendous amount of energy (throughout the body), and the body responds by using this excess energy to build new blood vessels, where there are areas of poor blood flow. This process is particularly clear when there is a lack of blood flow to an area.
  • Vasodilation: Hyperbaric Oxygenation therapy generates a great amount of nitric oxide. This signaling molecule is primarily responsible for opening up the blood vessels and providing greater blood flow.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 
We consume about six pounds of Oxygen every day, far outweighing any other nutrient demands. Oxygen’s primary role is in the production of energy, only 50% of our energy comes from the fats and carbohydrates we consume. In order for our bodies to make stored energy usable, our cells must convert this energy into molecules of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) using Oxygen. By using the hyperbaric chamber, we greatly increase the partial pressure of O2, which then dissolves it into the plasma and other waterborne fluids of the body in turn accelerating recovery and repair. 
    • No pills, no powder – just oxygen
    • Delivers up to 25 times normal oxygen intake
    • Enhances collagen production
    • Increases fibroblast activation
    • Reduces scarring
    • Stimulates the production of body stem cells
    • Boosts immune system function
    • Decreases swelling and inflammation
    • Helps the body to clear toxins
    • Increases the body’s ability to fight infection
    • Promotes regeneration of injured tissue
    • Reduces fatigue
    • Improves memory
    • Reduces jet lag related fatigue conditions
    • Accelerates ligament and tissue healing times
    • Treats traumatic and ischemic brain injuries
    • Increases circulation
    • Accelerates recovery and repair
    • Improves Sleep Patterns
    • Non invasive and relaxing